The Government announces that Spain starts ratifying ILO Convention 190 on harassment and violence at work

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, have later maintained a work meeting with the ILO director general, Guy Ryder.

In the opinion of the head of Labor and Social Economy, this agreement, of a transversal nature, will have a great impact because "violence and harassment will be understood not only in the workplace, but in the transits of the worker of home to the place where he develops his professional work ". In addition, this agreement will recognize this situation without taking into account the type of contract to which the worker is accepted, including, for example, scholarship holders.

The agreement that will ratify Spain will not only regulate the 'quality' of physical work spaces, offices, companies, but will also be extended to other professional communications, such as messages, emails or social networks.

The Minister of Labor has indicated that "when you have better working conditions, unemployment drops and we have to work collectively in the defense of decent work."

In relation to the situation of women in the labor market, the Minister of Labor and Social Economy has insisted that we must try to change the undervaluation they suffer and the different salaries they receive doing the same work as men. "What we are going to do from the ministry is to regulate the presence of women in the labor market to reduce the wage gap and, later, in pensions," said Yolanda Díaz.

"Twilight Zone" of the false self-employed

Yolanda Díaz has placed special emphasis on the great challenge that the change in the productive process is taking in this century, to which the urgency in legislating on the employment situation of the "false self-employed" workers who are in an area of gloom". The accident rate has been another issue addressed in the debate in which Minister Yolanda Díaz has participated, which has stated that "the chain of job insecurity has a negative impact". "We have to continue strengthening the Labor Inspectorate with a different specific training, with a gender perspective," recalled the minister, who also clarified that special emphasis should be placed "not only on accidents, but on the updating of occupational diseases ".

The Minister of Labor and Social Economy has valued the Social Dialogue that "is already being possible", which has said that "legitimate and gives a plus to the democratic robustness of our decisions." "I am aware that sometimes social dialogue will not lead to what we want, but it is essential to do pedagogy and should be transferred to teaching units in schools, so that boys and girls work on their importance."

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