• The Council of Ministers regulates by royal decree the granting of compensations to the providers of public services of television audiovisual communication at state and regional levels
  • The aid worth 10 million euros will be aimed at offsetting the cost for television networks of maintaining a simultaneous broadcast for several months, as a result of the 700 MHz band release process
  • The progressive release of this radio spectrum band, currently occupied by DTT, will allow the deployment in that space of 5G networks from June 30, 2020

The Council of Ministers approved today a royal decree that regulates the direct granting of subsidies to providers of the public television audiovisual communication service at state and regional level. These grants will have a total amount of 10 million euros and will be used to offset the costs derived from the process of releasing the Second Digital Dividend.

The Second Digital Dividend is a key process to allow the deployment of ultrafast 5G networks in Spain. It consists of unoccupying the 694-790 MHz band (hereinafter 700 MHz band) of the radio spectrum, which is currently partially occupied by digital terrestrial television (DTT). This implies that many of the multiples through which broadcast broadcasters must move to a lower band of the spectrum. In order to facilitate the transition and minimize the impact on citizens, for several months the television networks will broadcast simultaneously through the new and old frequencies (simulcast), before proceeding to turn off the latter. The aid approved today by the Council of Ministers will be used to offset the cost for public broadcasters of maintaining this transitory double broadcast.

The release of the Second Digital Dividend is taking place in a staggered manner in most of the national territory since last July. The process will have been completed before June 30, 2020. From that date, the 700 MHz band will be fully available in Spain for the deployment of 5G mobile networks.

Information channels

All information about the Second Digital Dividend is available on the website www.televisiondigital.es/ and through the telephone service numbers 901 20 10 04 and 91 088 98 79.

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