The Government approves the distribution of 300 million euros to the Autonomous Communities to respond to the most urgent actions against COVID-19

The distribution has been carried out taking into account the criteria of percentage of population (80%) and number of cases (15%) and ICU admissions (5%) as of March 24. The objective is to respond to the most urgent actions that each CCAA has to address.

The Autonomous Communities of Madrid, Catalonia and Andalusia are the three that will receive the highest amounts with 52,791,886, 51,367,983 and 44,231,363 euros respectively. In the attached table you can see the complete distribution.

In addition, as will be remembered, the healthcare team has been strengthened with a total of 52,393 professionals who can hire the Health Departments of the autonomous communities among internal resident doctors, nurses, retired professionals in the last two years, non-EU doctors and students from last year medicine and nursing for support tasks.

In terms of health protection, protection material has been made available to the authorities of the different territories, which each Autonomous Community is responsible for distributing according to needs. In total, 10,671,779 masks, 9,724,100 nitrile gloves, 65,538 disposable and waterproof gowns, 84,027 divers, 35,103 goggles, 144,590 hydro-alcoholic solutions and 328,900 materials such as leggings, aprons, sleeve covers, caps, etc. have been delivered. In the next few days, other important games are scheduled to arrive, which will also be delivered.

The centralized purchase that is being carried out by the Ministry of Health is designed to meet three objectives: to reinforce the purchasing processes of the CCAA, distribution to meet the pressing needs of the population and professionals, and to organize production capacity at the national level and international. However, each autonomous community can also carry out the purchase actions it deems appropriate.

Distribution in euros by autonomous communities

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