• The Government declares urgently the processing of the draft royal decree approving the DTT National Technical Plan
  • The objective is to complete the process of the second digital dividend before June 30, 2020
  • The regulations will accelerate the deployment and development of 5G technology in our country

The Council of Ministers today declared urgently the processing of the draft royal decree approving the National Technical Plan for digital terrestrial television and regulating certain aspects for the release of the second digital dividend. This regulation will enable the release of the 694-790 MHz frequency band (700 MHz band), currently occupied by DTT, and accelerate the deployment and development of 5G technology in Spain.

The provision of the 700 MHz band for electronic communications services – or second digital dividend – requires a series of previous technical, economic, legal and administrative actions. The urgent processing of this draft royal decree is justified to comply with the calendar established in the European Union, which marks the deadline to complete this process on June 30, 2020.

5G technology will make possible the emergence of new digital business models in Spain. It would also bring competitiveness to the national business and industrial fabric.

Royal decree

This draft royal decree also provides security and guarantees for the continuity and future of the digital terrestrial television service. Specifically, the use of the band 470-694 MHz is guaranteed, which will continue to be used for DTT service at least until 2030. In this band the same DTT networks that exist in the Technical Plan currently in force will be available, and the supply of existing channels will be maintained today.

Under this royal decree, each digital multiple will have the capacity to integrate four television channels in high definition, at the same time that it will be able to continue the current broadcasts in standard definition. In parallel, it is committed to a quality digital terrestrial television service, establishing a deadline for all channels to evolve their broadcasts in high definition.

The Royal Decree project also promotes the technological renewal of the DTT receiver park in Spain. Thus, after the period of six months from the entry into force of this standard, the recipients that are made available in the Spanish market must include the ability to receive high definition emissions. The larger ones should also incorporate the ability to receive broadcasts in ultra high definition, broadcasts with DVB-T2 transmission technology and HbbTV interactive services.

Finally, the technical specifications of DTT emissions in high definition and ultra high definition are included, and measures are included to favor and promote the future implementation of advanced DTT standards with higher spectral efficiency technologies, which allow more efficient use of the radio spectrum and an improvement in quality

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