Ceuta parents have encountered this school year with the great problem of reconciliation. With a schedule divided into shifts and students in school for only three hours a day, combining work and taking care of children has become quite a feat. For this reason, the national deputy of VOX for Ceuta, Teresa López, already asked the Sánchez Government in July what measures it was going to implement so that families could reconcile their jobs with the new school hours.

The National Executive, which directly holds the powers of Education in Ceuta and Melilla, has imposed in both cities the system of two shifts of attendance to class, the only one in the whole country, which has led families to have numerous problems to reconcile . A situation in which López questioned how families were going to be helped to combine this new schedule with the parents' work schedules. And now, three months later, the Government assures that there is a Conciliation Plan that, however, has not yet been launched.

As explained in the response to VOX, in the case of Ceuta, the Provincial Directorate has designed a Conciliation Plan, in negotiation with the Ministry of Health, which provides, among other objectives, to arbitrate spaces within the school environment that help the development of the new provisional educational organization during the 2020-21 academic year as long as the health alert is maintained. It also provides students with spaces that help them to develop comprehensively and emotionally while they are not receiving direct attention in the classrooms, and offer an educational alternative to the waiting times for students in their school.

In addition, according to the Executive, this plan includes the objective of "collaborating with families to achieve the sustainability and proper functioning of the new school arrangement during the emergency situation" as well as "contribute to citizen coexistence with educational strategies." However, the Government adds the tagline that the program "will be developed in the Infant and Primary schools that demand it" and does not give details of its implementation, which, apparently, is associated with employment plans that do not They will start until November. Meanwhile, families have had to resort to all kinds of options to be able to reconcile such as asking family members for help or opting for academies and play libraries so that children spend the morning hours when they are not in class.

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