The Government continues the distribution of masks before the resumption of non-essential activities

From early in the morning, members of the National Police, Civil Guard, Local Police and Civil Protection, as well as members of other groups such as the Red Cross, have been deployed at previously defined points in these communities, covering the urban and interurban transport stations of rail, metro and bus, interchanges and access points to industrial areas, as well as rural areas and areas linked to the presence of agri-food activity.

The special mask distribution campaign arrives tomorrow in the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla, and will continue in the nine communities that joined the distribution today.

With this extraordinary distribution campaign, the Government intends to promote a culture of self-protection for citizens, complementary to the social distancing and hygiene measures necessary to definitively break the contagion curve of COVID 19 and protect public health.

The General State Administration is participating in this initiative -through government delegations- autonomous communities and local entities, which have joined human and material resources to facilitate the delivery of the material at the points defined in the coordination centers authorized in each autonomous community.

The usual distribution to autonomous communities

This device is a special campaign for the distribution of masks to individuals that takes place in parallel to the direct distribution of all kinds of sanitary material to the Autonomous Communities, which the Government carries out as a reinforcement of the regional resources of the National Health System.

This route, active since March 10, has led to the shipment to date of 72 million units of material to the communities among protective equipment, disinfection material, detection tests and ventilation devices.

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