Morocco imposes and Spain disposes. This could be the summary of the relations with a state that Moncloa defines as a “neighboring country and friend, as well as a strategic partner”, but which actually maneuvers to economically asphyxiate Ceuta and Melilla or fails to comply with agreements such as repatriating their children they are alone in Spain. Faced with the last question asked by VOX regarding the conditions that it is imposing and wants to continue marking Morocco to reopen the borders with the autonomous cities, from the Executive of Sánchez they say directly that "it does not comment on news of content that it does not know."

The national VOX deputy for Ceuta, Teresa López, specifically asked about the information published in the newspaper ‘El Español’ with the headline “Morocco strangles Ceuta and Melilla: the 5 harsh conditions in Rabat to reopen the borders”. According to this news, Morocco will negotiate with Spain the opening of the borders with five immovable demands such as that there be a single border crossing, that commercial customs be ended and porting is ended, that a new status be sought for cross-border workers , and control the migratory flow.

Faced with this scenario, the social-communist government insists that Morocco is "a strategic partner" with which "a deep and varied relationship is maintained." The Executive denies the greater and wants to continue to make believe that, between both states, "the dialogue is fluid and encompasses a multiplicity of areas and with interlocutors at all institutional levels." "This dialogue includes issues of good neighborliness that are the object of the questions," the Government is dispatched without referring to the problems that Ceuta and Melilla have been suffering or what is the intention they have to reopen the borders with Morocco.

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