"The Civil Guard in Ceuta has sufficient material means to effectively carry out the fulfillment of its obligations, which include the fight against drug trafficking and organized crime." The Government of Pedro Sánchez has denied the greatest and has replied in this way to VOX, who asked him if they are going to articulate concrete measures to alleviate the deficiencies suffered by the agents of the Maritime Service of the Benemérita in the city. In this way, the Executive stops not only the claims of VOX, but also of all the civil guards associations that have denounced the lack of material and human means to fight against increasingly violent drug trafficking commandos.

The Government says that the Maritime Service of the Civil Guard "is permanently articulated to face the evolution of the different threats and scenarios that arise" and, with respect to human troops, it indicates that in June the Catalog of Jobs Within the Benemérita in the city it had an occupancy percentage of 94.03%, higher than the national average, located at 89.30%.

Regarding the coverage of vacancies, the Executive leaves in the future that they can be filled without determining when, or how, beyond the fact that “in the coming years the incorporation of a greater number of new personnel in the Forces and Corps of Security than in previous years ”. Of course, "without, at this time, it can be determined how many of these troops are going to go to the different dependencies of the Autonomous City of Ceuta," adds the Government of Sánchez.

However, the reality is that the means to fight drug trafficking are limited and in poor condition. The Unified Association of the Civil Guard of Ceuta (AUGC) has denounced that “all the patrol boats, except one classified as light, are practically useless due to lack of budget for their repair”, and that, in addition, they have pending repair orders that They were submitted for processing more than two years ago. For this reason, the national deputy of VOX has returned to address the Government to insist that the needs of the Maritime Service of the Civil Guard be met.

López has asked if "the temporary and geographical extension of the special plan to combat drug trafficking in the Campo de Gibraltar to Ceuta is within the announcement of the Interior Minister." "What is the Interior's forecast regarding equipping the Maritime Service of the Civil Guard of Ceuta with demanding vessels designed for the operations that must be carried out in the area related to drug trafficking and immigration?", The national deputy of VOX.

The Maritime Service of Ceuta, the one that has made the most hashish interventions in the Strait

The one in Ceuta is the Maritime Service that has carried out the most interventions in the last year according to the data provided by the Government to López. Something that shows that it is a vital element in the fight against drug trafficking in the Strait. Thus, while the agents stationed in Ceuta have carried out 16 interventions in which hashish has been seized, the next most active provincial service is that of Algeciras, with 12 interventions. And in third place would be Malaga with 8, half of those carried out by the Ceuta Maritime Service.

Following this response from the Government, the national deputy of VOX for Ceuta has also registered a request for information asking to know the investments made in material means in the different provincial maritime services of the Civil Guard in the last four years. Likewise, it requires the Social Communist Executive to account for the expense of support and maintenance in material resources of the Maritime Service of the Civil Guard, also for the last four years, in addition to reporting on investment projects and financial prospects for material and human resources intended for this service, the number of agents available by province and the number of operations carried out.

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