The Government of the Nation, directly, ignores the Moroccan patients who are admitted ‘sine die’ in the University Hospital of Ceuta. In response to VOX's question in this regard, he assures that the Ministry of Health is not aware that there has been any Moroccan national who has been admitted since 2015 who refuses to leave his room. "The patient closest to the formulated description is in a vegetative state," says the Executive of Sánchez in response to the VOX senator for Ceuta, Yolanda Merelo. However, it is obvious that the mother of this patient, in a coma after an accident, is the one who refuses to return to Morocco because she could not give her the care she requires and that even Ingesa has blocked the room.

The Government also avoids talking about another Moroccan patient, with vision problems, who was operated on at the beginning of the year in the Ceuta hospital and who after being discharged has not left the room. He wants to be given a home and, meanwhile, he occupies a bed in the rooms on the second floor. A case before which, the Executive, the only thing he has to say is that "he does not know of any Moroccan national who meets this description."

In this way, the Government neither recognizes that there is a blocked room in the hospital for a patient and his mother, nor that a bed is permanently occupied in another of the rooms. And for that reason, he does not talk about the expense of attending to these Moroccan citizens in Spanish health. An expense that Senator Merelo estimated, in her question to the Government, at 549 euros in the case of general hospitalization and 1,284 euros in the Intensive Care Unit, and which, she warned, all Spaniards are paying.

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