The Covid-19 pandemic has had its greatest incidence in the health system, forced to reorganize its activity to care for infected patients and overwhelmed by a growing number of serious cases. The direct consequence of this situation has been that both outpatient consultations with specialist doctors and surgical interventions have been altered and their number reduced.

VOX asked the Government in this regard, which, in September, provided data on how many consultations and operations had been suspended in both Ceuta and Melilla. And, as the situation has not changed, the VOX deputy for Ceuta, Teresa López, has returned to address the Executive. The parliamentarian wants to know what strategy the Executive has designed to, through Ingesa, recover the delayed waiting lists, as well as when the outpatient consultations will resume at the University Hospital.

The Executive, far from accounting for the current situation, points out that the scheduled activity of surgical interventions, outpatient consultations in Primary Care and in hospitals and diagnostic tests is currently being maintained, in circuits different from those established for the care of Covid patients -19, taking into account the clinical priority of the processes. What the priorities are, is not clarified by the Government but it has already led to many citizens having denounced through the media or social networks that even though they are chronic patients, they do not get a consultation with their specialist.

Regarding the activity of scheduled surgery with admission, the Government recognizes that it has been reduced to deferred and non-delayed emergencies, while ensuring that the programming in Major Ambulatory Surgery is maintained. Meanwhile, the Executive of Sánchez denies that there is a generalized delay and ensures that this "is registered in some specialties and / or processes." To solve this, he points out, "concrete actions are planned when the impact of care for Covid-19 patients in the hospital setting and in Primary Care is reduced." However, VOX insists, there are pathologies that cannot be allowed to wait and therefore it is urgent to increase the staff as the party has been claiming for months.

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