The Government distributes 18.5 million masks among the autonomous communities

Since last March 10 and until this Thursday, April 2, about 36 million units of material have been distributed among the communities and the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla. Specifically, 35,975,953 units have been distributed in a material that includes masks, nitrile gloves, disposable and waterproof gowns, jumpsuits, leggings, goggles, caps, aprons, sleeve covers, hydro-alcoholic solutions, invasive mechanical ventilation devices and non-ventilators. invasive.

Just yesterday, April 2, 2.2 million units were distributed among masks, protective glasses and gloves.

Of the total material distributed to the Communities since March 10, 18,525,970 units are masks. The Autonomous Community of Madrid has received the most masks in this crisis: a total of 5,239,104 (28.3%), of which 1,009,200 were received between April 1 and 2.

Catalonia is the second community that has received the most units, specifically 3,036,288 (16.4% of the total), and Andalusia is the third with 1,707,634 masks received (9.2%).

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