The Ministry of Health has distributed 1,602,800 masks this weekend among the Autonomous Communities

The Government of Spain, through the Ministry of Health, maintains its daily effort so that all possible material reaches the autonomous communities in this crisis of COVID-19 and reinforces the National Health System.

From last March 10 to Tuesday April 7, the Government has distributed 64.2 million units of material among protective equipment, detection tests and ventilation devices among the autonomous communities.

In the last 24 hours, 5,512,538 masks have been distributed, bringing the number of masks distributed among the communities to date to 38.7 million. The community that received the most masks was Madrid, with 9,528,899 units (24.5% of the total), followed by Catalonia, with 7,334,699 units (18.9%), and Andalusia, with 3,567,953 units (9.2% of the total).

On Tuesday, another 40 invasive mechanical ventilation devices were also provided to the autonomous communities, bringing the number of units distributed to 223.

Regarding other types of protective material, the Government has distributed since March 10, 22.9 million nitrile gloves, 287,000 gowns, 269,000 divers, 163,000 protective glasses, more than half a million aprons, hats and leggings and more than 202,000 units of hydroalcoholic solutions.

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