The Government distributes more than 5 million gloves requested by the autonomous communities in the Inter-territorial Health Council

This distribution responds to the situation transferred by the autonomous communities and cities and a total of 5,174,000 nitrile gloves will be distributed. Most of this item (4,130,000 units) corresponds to a purchase made by the Ministry of Health, while the remaining 1,044,000 million gloves have been donated by UNICEF.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, the Inter-territorial Council of the National Health System, chaired by the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has been held regularly at least twice a week, as a permanent body for coordination, cooperation, communication and information. of health services, among them and with the State Administration. Thus, it serves its purpose of promoting the cohesion of the National Health System through the effective guarantee of the rights of citizens throughout the State.

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