On June 10, Senator of VOX for Ceuta, Yolanda Merelo, asked the Executive if he knows "the commendable work of Cáritas, Parish Churches, soup kitchens and food banks", which are working tirelessly to be able to provide the maximum possible help to the neediest families. A "social crisis multiplied by the escalation of unemployment and ERTEs that has made the numbers of citizens who do not have anything to fill their refrigerator have grown exponentially", assures the senator from Ceuta. The Government has limited itself to replying that "the functions relating to social assistance are attributed exclusively to the Autonomous Communities."

A situation that has caused “hunger queues abound in the capital and in various autonomous communities such as Catalonia”, Merelo points out, who affirms that “the priority activity of Caritas, the Parish Churches, soup kitchens and food banks is the attention to families and food donation. They can't cope ”. For this reason, the Ceuta senator asked the Government of Sánchez and Iglesias if the executive has quantified and controlled these people who are part of the hunger queues.

"Does the Government know how much the economic and human resources amounts that Caritas, Parish Churches, soup kitchens and food banks invest in solving the lack of social and nutritional resources of the most needy? ”, Asked Merelo who has remained no response from the Executive, which has only answered that according to article 148.1.20 of the Spanish Constitution, the functions related to social assistance are exclusively attributed to the Autonomous Communities, without thus offering any information in this regard.

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