In the fight against drug trafficking in Campo de Gibraltar, the means are clearly insufficient. Members of the State Security Forces and Bodies and also VOX have denounced it. The party has even brought to Congress a Proposition No of Law to declare this area of ​​special singularity in order to protect agents, provide it with specific investments to fight crime, and increase the number of police and civil guards. However, from the Government of Pedro Sánchez they look the other way and, when asked by VOX about the situation, they assume that they are working well.

The Executive does not recognize, before the questions of the national deputy of VOX for Ceuta, Teresa López. the shortcomings of the Civil Guard. Instead, it points out that the acquisition of material and vehicles for this body is carried out centrally, being later distributed according to the needs of the units. It also explains that for the Campo de Gibraltar 2020 Special Plan, the Secretary of State for Security is processing material acquisition files worth 3,516,800.78 euros, of which 673,736.44 euros correspond to light support vehicles, saloons, off-road and off-road vehicles. However, they do not specify the amount of the latter, which is precisely what the agents claim.

Regarding personnel, the Executive does not say more that the studies necessary to adapt "the degree of coverage of the job catalog" are kept "updated". It also points out that the command echelons of the peripheral organization of the Civil Guard "are reoriented and adapted in response to needs." This response is neither supported by figures nor clarifies whether the demands of professionals will be met in their fight against increasingly dangerous drug trafficking commandos, as VOX has denounced.

In relation to the Civil Guard personnel in Ceuta, for which López has also asked the Executive, from Moncloa they report that as of August 31, 2020, the Catalog of Civil Guard Jobs in the Autonomous City of Ceuta presented a occupancy percentage above the national average, which is currently 89.03%. Thus, the Government responds satisfied that "the troops of the Civil Guard in Ceuta are currently considered sufficient".

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