The Council of Ministers approved today, at the proposal of the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, granting 485,000 euros in subsidies distributed among eight associations of the tourism sector. The objective of these grants is to support the quality tourism offer, promote environmental and social values, improve the competitiveness of the tourism fabric and improve knowledge of the tourism sector and its various variants, such as tourism in natural areas, health, gastronomy or associated with congresses.

The list of beneficiaries and amounts of these direct concessions by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism is as follows:

• Spanish Association of Small and Medium Wine Cities: 35,000 euros for the promotion of wine tourism and the promotion of the Wine Routes of Spain product club, which has led to the creation of wine routes in 31 appellations of origin.

• Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality: 200,000 euros for the preparation of guides to good sanitary hygiene practices aimed at protecting workers and clients of tourist establishments against COVID-19, as well as for promotional and accreditation activities in matters of Quality Tour.

• Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces: 25,000 euros to hold conferences aimed at promoting Spanish destinations as the venue for international conferences and meetings in the Italian, French and British markets.

• Ecotourism Association in Spain: 30,000 euros to implement the Ecotourism Observatory in more companies and destinations, with the dual objective of making this environmentally friendly travel modality better known by the consumer, while providing the Indicator institutions that guide their interventions towards promoting protected natural spaces as ecotourism destinations.

• Association Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero: 80,000 euros to assist the hotel sector in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda and in the implementation of good practices that improve the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the sector.

• Group of World Heritage Cities of Spain: 30,000 euros to reactivate cultural and heritage tourism as a formula to help deconcentrate the Spanish tourist offer and contribute to the generation of seasonally adjusted employment.

• Asociación Saborea España: 50,000 euros for communication and promotion campaigns, organization of gastronomic events and improvement of the competitiveness of the product.

• Environmental and Consumer Education Association: 35,000 euros to finance the Blue Flags 2020 campaign, the most appropriate instrument for promoting and improving environmental quality, accessibility, and tourist services at our beaches and ports.

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