The Minimum Vital Income, sold by the Government as the star measure after the outbreak of the economic and social crisis, has a delay of almost 700,000 files -688,578-, as recognized by the Executive to a question from Senator José Manuel Marín. That is, the Executive has only processed 32.3% of the requests.

According to the Executive Branch, a total of 1,017,104 applications have been submitted, of which 328,526 applications have been resolved until October 29, of which 136,413 have been approved, 13.4%, and have been denied. 192,113, 18.8%.

In its response, the Executive blames the subcontracted company for the delay in processing the files: «Naturally, the contracted personnel needed to have a break-in period, after which an agile management rhythm is expected to facilitate the work of the provincial directorates of the INSS ».

However, as the Government responds in the same response, Tragsatec's work serves “to reduce the processing time of the files when they arrive at the Provincial Directorate of the National Institute of Social Security with the documentation already required, saving significant time of management".

117 workers, unemployed

Despite the delay that the Government recognizes in the processing of files, and that, according to the same document, the work of the subcontractor serves to streamline the files, on December 9, 117 workers of the free telephone service will be fired. Therefore, an increase in the backlog of the processing of applications is assumed, if the function of this company is to speed up the process, as the Government assures.

Despite everything, the VOX senator had registered a question after it was published that the company subcontracted to process the Minimum Vital Income had issued an internal order in which, it was ordered to classify the files in three states: Started, Required and Stopped . According to which, "the" Required "status would be assigned, according to the internal order issued, to all those files that would lack documentation and, therefore, would have to be requested, but also to all those who have the correct documentation. Once this has been confirmed, with this, it seems, the matter would be paralyzed and consequently the payment of the aid would be delayed ”, explained Marín.

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