During 2019 and the first quarter of 2020, a total of 403 requests for the repatriation of Moroccan minors have been sent to Morocco, out of the more than 2,000 found in the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla. This is what the Government has informed VOX before the question registered by the national deputy of the training for Ceuta, Teresa López, to know if a report had been requested, at any time, to the consular authorities to prove the family circumstances of the minors of Moroccan origin welcomed by the autonomous cities in order to proceed with their repatriation. A preliminary report that is necessary to start the machinery of repatriation.

Now, the Executive of Sánchez has answered that, according to the data provided by the Immigration Offices of Ceuta and Melilla, the total of previous reports requested from the Moroccan consular authorities amounted to 296 during 2019 and 107 during the first quarter 2020. Therefore, between the full year 2019 and January to March 2020, a total of 403 repatriation requests have been sent to Morocco. However, Morocco has been silent for an answer, and this is what the Executive itself indicates when saying that, "according to the reports of the Ceuta and Melilla Immigration Offices, the Moroccan consular authorities have not responded to these requests" .

"The great collaboration provided by the partner and friend of the Pedro Sánchez Government is not to respond to even one of the repatriation requests," emphasizes López. Therefore, for VOX this response is a new sign that the neighboring country is not willing to comply with the agreement between Spain and the Kingdom of Morocco on cooperation in the field of preventing the illegal emigration of unaccompanied minors, their protection and his concerted return signed in 2007. And, since then, not a single Moroccan minor has been repatriated and, on the contrary, the number of Unaccompanied Foreign Minors (MENA) found both in Ceuta and Melilla is growing exponentially.

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