The Covid-19 pandemic has particularly hit the health system, which has been saturated with care for infected patients, but also because the rest of its activity has been conditioned. In this way, surgical interventions, consultations with specialist doctors and all kinds of tests have been canceled since last March at Ingesa. Many people from Ceuta and Melilla are affected by this paralysis of part of the health activity and, therefore, the national deputy of VOX for Ceuta, Teresa López, registered in June a battery of questions addressed to the Government to find out the number of operations and consultations suspended in the autonomous cities.

Now the Government has responded and reported that, until the end of August, 93 surgeries have been canceled in Ceuta, while 75 operations have been suspended in Melilla. Regarding the activity in external consultations and special tests, according to the data provided by the Sánchez Executive, around 5,000 have been canceled in Ceuta and 3,108 tests have been canceled in Melilla.

Meanwhile, the outpatient clinics at the Ceuta University Hospital still do not function normally. These are still not operational after several months and there are various media that daily bring up a case of a user who complains about the situation. For this reason, the national deputy of VOX for Ceuta has returned to address the Executive to find out if Ingesa will resume outpatient consultations in the hospital.

"There are many patients with chronic pathologies that need revision or specific and precise attention in the face of a worsening of their clinical situation ”, warns the Ceuta parliamentarian. Furthermore, López regrets that, faced with this situation, Ingesa users are left "without the attention they need".

Follow-up of the aftermath

On the other hand, of the follow-up due to the consequences of those affected by coronavirus, the Government reports that in Ceuta, from the Preventive Medicine section, an assessment of the general condition of those affected is carried out, deriving from the specific specialty in the assessment is required, the main ones being Pneumology, Hematology, or Cardiology. "Until the end of August, 79 patients have been summoned in this consultation, representing 30% of the total of those infected by Covid in Ceuta," says the Executive. Meanwhile, in Melilla, the Government ensures that "there is no knowledge of the existence of patients with post-Covid sequelae."

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