The Executive insists, to questions from VOX, that “the cooperation developed with the países of origin and trtoThe site of irregular migratory flows to Spain is a fundamental element of the polímigratory ethics”. In this way, the Government justifies having tripled the subsidies to African countries "to cover the deficiencies that they may have in materials for the fight against immigration", and the last game of 1.5 million that will receive up to seven states as announced by the minister of the Interior last summer. However, the Executive does not respond to whether, as requested by VOX, it will stop subsidizing these countries in order, with that money, to improve the endowment of the members of the State Security Forces and Bodies, who do their shifts with limited means and vehicles in poor condition.

The national deputy of VOX for Ceuta, Teresa López, questioned the Executive if subsidies are how they “reward” the massive arrival of immigrants to the Spanish coasts. The Government has indicated that “these aids will be adopted according to the needs of each country, and haven The objective is to cover the material and operational deficiencies of the national services responsible for the managementorn and control of migratory flows, as well así as in the fight against terrorism Y the trtohuman beings, among others". A response in which no mention is made of the needs of the members of the National Police and Civil Guard who protect the Spanish border.

For her part, the VOX senator, Yolanda Merelo, asked the Government cHow and when is it going to demand from the countries that receive subsidies the maritime control of the vessels that leave its coasts or what responsibilities are it going to demand from these states in the face of “the lack of zeal” in controlling immigration. Issues to which the Executive of Sánchez once again insists that, Due to the transnational nature of migratory flows, the Ministry of the Interior "Its main objective in migration matters is cooperation with third States, both for prevention at origin and with countries of transit".

On the other hand, the Government once again praises the collaboration with Morocco in this response and points out that both "They have collaborated closely for a long time exchanging information and other operational actions in the field of the respective Security Forces and Bodies in the fight against irregular migration and human trafficking networks.". "Thanks to this joint work, the departure of a significant number of irregular vessels bound for Spain is prevented and intercepted", says the Government, although the reality is quite different in the autonomous cities where hundreds of minors have arrived since the summer of 2019 and the number of Moroccan immigrants continues to grow.

Control of subsidies in destination territories

However, for VOX "it cannot be understood what is the reason that leads the Executive to increase the amount of subsidies to third countries to try to minimize illegal immigration as much as possible, leaving our agents on a totally testimonial level." And, the party stresses, these are "de facto, those who are in charge of controlling the mammoth numbers of illegal immigrants who incessantly arrive in our territory."

For this reason, the national deputy of VOX has returned to address the Government of Sánchez to ask "how do you really know the needs of each country, as mentioned in your answer." "How against the Executive the effectiveness and the real destination of these subsidies", questioned López, who also asked if Civil Guard observers were sent to the subsidized countries to check on the ground the reality of these investments.

"Has the Government thought about reaching agreements with the countries where the boats come from, such as Senegal and Morocco, so that the Civil Guard of the Sea patrols their coasts with them and thus verifies if illegal immigration is really controlled? ”, Asks the Ceutí parliamentarian. In addition, he asks the Executive to say if he considers that the subsidies approved by the Interior "have really served to control and manage migratory flows."

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