• Financial support of 75% of the budget can be granted with 10-year repayable credits
  • One of the objectives of this financing is to encourage investments in digitization of the industry
  • This initiative is expected to generate 10,000 new jobs between direct and indirect employment.

The Council of Ministers has authorized the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness to summon loans for industrial investment within the Program for Strengthening Industrial Competitiveness in 2017. The budget allocated to said summons amounts to a total of 606.4 million euros available to the private business sector.

The purpose of the call is to grant loans to industrial companies for the execution of material investments destined for the creation or transfer of industrial establishments and the expansion of installed production capacity, and improvement and / or modification of production lines.

This order also aims to encourage investments made in the context of industrial digitization, in coordination with the strategy established by the "Connected Industry 4.0" initiative, being able to finance the acquisition of production apparatus and equipment as well as process engineering expenses. production associated with such equipment.

Loans will be granted for 10 years, with a three-year grace period, and the interest rate will be determined based on the classification obtained by the beneficiary during the evaluation phase and the guarantee established before the grant resolution, so it will fluctuate between 1,575% and 4%. The amount of the loan to be granted will be 75% of the total budget considered eligible for financing.

The guarantees to be constituted will be 10% of the loan requested and must be constituted at the time of the request.

Four different types of actions will be supported:

  • Creation of industrial establishments: start of a new production activity anywhere in the national territory.
  • Transfer: change of location of a previous production activity to any point of the national territory.
  • Expansion of production capacity, through the implementation of new production lines in existing centers.
  • Improvements and / or modifications of previously existing production lines.

The concession regime will be of competitive competition in each of the 11 specific defined geographical areas and in the general, which includes the rest of the territory of the Spanish State.

In total, it is estimated that around 10,000 new jobs could be created between direct and indirect employment. Finally, this support is expected to contribute to increasing industrial exports, especially in those products with a higher technological level.

Distribution of amounts:


Credit €

Canary Islands


AC of Extremadura


Teruel province


Soria province


Jaén province


Region of the field of Gibraltar


Cádiz Bay Region


Ferrol, Eume and Ortegal region


Left Bank of the Nervión


El Hierro Island


Lorca region (CA of Murcia)






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