"A resounding action by the Government of Cantabria is urgently needed to prevent concerted and special education from being annihilated ”. This is how resounding the VOX deputy in the Parliament of Cantabria, Armando Blanco, has been, who recalled that since their formation they have been asking the Government for weeks to take a step forward in defense of the subsidized schools and special education centers that the Sánchez's government wants to destroy with the Celaá law that is being debated today in the Congress of Deputies.

For VOX, it is a right of families to be able to choose the education of their children and the public authorities have the obligation to guarantee that parents can educate their children according to their own religious moral convictions, as stated in article 27.3 of the Spanish Constitution.

"It is the responsibility of those of us who were chosen by the families to measure up and put a stop to this outrage", White has assured. Therefore, from Vox, "We hope that today the deputies for Cantabria in Congress will vote against the Cela law in Madrid and join the amendment that VOX supports in the Congress of Deputies to save concerted education."

At the same time from Cantabria "the VOX Parliamentary Group reaches out to the rest of the political groups" to urge the Government of Cantabria to guarantee the current conditions of the agreements signed in the concerted educational centers of the region and ensure the survival of the concerted special education centers. based in the community.

Blanco recalled how the Celaá Law condemns subsidized schools to disappear in a horizon of five years by prioritizing public schools when it comes to schooling children and eliminating the concept of social demand. "It is here where political groups have the obligation to walk together in defense of the model of concerted education and political plurality."

The VOX Parliamentary Group takes a non-law proposal to the Parliament debate on Monday, November 23, which asks the PRC – PSOE government to reject in a "Immediate and forceful" the Organic Law Project, known as the Celaá Law, which modifies Organic Law 2/2006, adheres to the manifesto "More plural, Freer and More equal" and undertakes to promote the relationship of a new draft law that has the widest possible consensus.

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