The Government of Spain uses the State of Alarm to advance its ideological agenda. This was stated by Santiago Morón after the meeting he held at Pignatelli with President Lambán. An appointment that has passed through channels of cordiality, as Morón has pointed out.

"I have conveyed our concern for various issues, some national and others of an autonomous nature," he said. “We are concerned that a state of alarm is maintained that has become a covert state of emergency. That it has come to suspend fundamental rights of the Spanish: such as those of worship, assembly, demonstration or freedom of movement.

“And we are also concerned that a progressive decrease in physical distance measurements has been initiated without having yet the results of the seroprevalence study. Without having carried out a massive test campaign in the population, especially among the strategic sectors. And without having completed a massive testing of health and socio-health professionals with PCR tests ».

Morón has transferred to Lambán that both concerns are not contradictory, since there are legal resources that could guarantee sanitary measures to fight the pandemic.

Autonomic plane

Santiago Morón has indicated that «we consider that the situation of the Health Minister at the head of the Department has become unsustainable. It has managed the crisis without having professionals and there are the results, almost nine hundred infected health professionals and an increasing distance between management and workers. We understand that there is no turning back and that the moment requires the formation of a more dialogue and capable team. "

"In another order of things, from VOX I have shown him our total willingness to contribute to alleviating the health, economic and social emergency in which we find ourselves. We will not do it from the tables for the Social and Economic recovery of Aragon, or Pacts of Pignatelli, which we abandoned after the first meetings as we did not share the secrecy of the sessions and the rigid format, far from Aragonese Civil Society ».

«We will do it from the Institutions in which we democratically represent thousands of Aragonese. We will do it from the Town Halls and from the Cortes de Aragón. In this sense, we have presented our proposal to create a special Commission in the Cortes de Aragón, open to the Aragonese Society and under parliamentary control. This proposal will be debated in plenary session of the Cortes and we hope to have the support of all parliamentary groups. "

VOX initiatives in Aragon

"In any case, if this were not the case, Morón has indicated, we will continue working as we have done so far through control initiatives and impulse to the Government. As presented so far:

  • The generalization of tests to the entire population, starting with the health and other strategic sectors.
  • Proposals for the adoption of measures in nursing homes, approved unanimously in the last plenary session.
  • Adoption of economic and budgetary measures.
  • Hiring of seasonal workers in agricultural campaigns.
  • Measures aimed at supporting the Hospitality sector of Aragon.
  • Recognition of the consideration of lawyers, while attending the Duty Shift service, as essential workers during the coronavirus alarm state.
  • Defense of the Aragonese cattle herd, bullfighting professionals and bullfighting as cultural heritage
  • Approval of an "Express Procedure" for the passage of ERTEs by Force Majeure to ERTEs ETOP. For economic, technical, organizational or production reasons, maintaining the aid plan that is contemplated for the former. A measure announced yesterday May 11 by the Government of Spain.

National level

«All these measures, Santiago Morón has concluded, in the context of the National VOX Program, of Protemos España. Who advocates addressing the health, social and economic emergency, maintaining our productive fabric, that is, the employment generated fundamentally by SMEs and the self-employed, with ambitious decisions on fiscal containment and a drastic reduction in political spending ».

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