The Government proposes regulatory changes so that the Labor Inspectorate can intervene in the settlements of agricultural workers denounced by the UN

The dire conditions in which the eventual workers in the field of Huelva carry out their work, indicated by the UN special rapporteur, Philip Alston, defined as "much worse than a refugee camp", has been one of the highlights of the encounter.

From the Ministry of Labor it has been pointed out that "the Government of Spain is not going to remain impassive in the face of this report" and progress has been made in the necessary legislative modifications that allow the Labor and Social Security Inspectorate to be able to appear, access these infra-dwellings and Check the conditions in which the workers live, intervening in these settlements.

From the Ministry, it is pointed out that "verifying by the administration the conditions under which these agrarian workers are living is an essential first step to guarantee their dignity and their rights".

On the other hand, the eventual work in the field of Extremadura and Andalusia, which involves a large volume of day laborers and involves a type of intermittent activity that requires specific unemployment protection, has been another axis of the meeting. Under this system, workers must work a minimum number of days (currently, 35) to access an agricultural unemployment benefit. At the meeting, the need has been raised, in the medium term, to reform the system of steps to guarantee that it will provide more adequate coverage for possible agricultural work.

While this structural reform is addressed, during the meeting with the agrarian unions, the need has been pointed out, as soon as possible, to introduce correction mechanisms, of a cyclical nature that guarantee a reduction in the number of steps required to access the agricultural subsidy, of the current 35 to 20. The measure seeks to respond to the severe meteorological situation that in recent months has made work scarce and has hindered access to peonadas.

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