 The aid will have a maximum allocation of 20 million euros and will be called by the public entity Red.es

 They are aimed at companies and temporary business unions, with a limit of 40% of the amount of projects

 With these grants, the Ministry of Economy and Business seeks that Spain lead the implementation and development of 5G services and networks

After signing by the Minister of Economy and Business, the basis of public aid for the development of 5G pilot projects has been published today in the Official State Gazette.

These grants will be framed in the 5G National Plan, with a budget of 20 million euros, and will be called by the public entity Red.es and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for the development of a maximum of two projects pilot.
Companies or temporary unions of companies constituted for this purpose may participate, which may receive a maximum support of 40% of the project amount. The total budget of the projects developed under the call could reach 50 million euros.
The call that Red.es will make will establish a maximum period of 2 months for the submission of applications since its publication in the BOE, and must be resolved within a maximum period of 6 months from the day following the end of the submission deadline of requests.
Pilot projects will be developed in the frequency bands 3.4-3.8 GHz and 26 GHz, identified in the European Union as priorities for the launch of 5G services.
Projects submitted to this call must meet three objectives: support the deployment of the first 5G networks, experiment with the network management techniques allowed by 5G technology and develop use cases, with the involvement of all agents, including the users, that allow to accredit the three great improvements contributed by the 5G: mobile broadband of very high speed and capacity, ultra reliable communications and of low latency and massive communications machine to machine.

Objectives of the call
Through this public endowment, the Ministry of Economy and Business will promote the development of 5G pilot projects by the private sector. The Government seeks to promote an early demand that facilitates experimenting with the different potentials of 5G technology, and to promote the development of ecosystems among operators, technology and solutions providers and other agents involved.
The experience acquired will make it easier for Spain to be among the most advanced countries in the development of this new technology so that when 5G reaches its technological and commercial maturity, Spain is prepared to take full advantage of the opportunities of this new technological paradigm. The 5G services, together with the fiber optic infrastructures, will be the core of the networks for digital Spain.
5G technology will be the essential technological component in digital transformation. Its deployment will allow the development of the Internet of Things, big data, robotics or virtual reality, with a transversal effect on society and the economy over the next decade, being a catalyst for investment attraction and a lever for growth inclusive by contributing to reduce the digital divide.

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