The Government of Spain, when asked by the national deputy of VOX for Ceuta, Teresa López, has recognized that "in Spanish jurisdictional waters, the mere presence of a Moroccan ship would already constitute an alleged offense." Furthermore, in that case the vessel should be retained in the port since "they are not authorized to fish in our waters, regardless of the type of fishing gear used." However, the Executive ensures that it is not aware that Moroccan fishing boats approach Ceuta and cast their nets, exercising a practice that is also prohibited.

This is how they respond from Moncloa to the interpellation of the Ceuta parliamentarian about the control of the Moroccan netters in the Strait of Gibraltar, as well as in Ceuta waters, and the measures to end this illegal practice with nets that end up on the Spanish coasts being a danger for other boats, swimmers and also cetaceans. The Government reports that, in the Strait of Gibraltar, Spain has fisheries inspection means that verify compliance with the regulations in Spanish waters. However, it points out that the limit of this control is the Spanish jurisdictional waters.

The inspections, the Government specifies, are carried out in Spanish jurisdictional waters in which the presence of a Moroccan ship would be an offense. However, Moroccan vessels fish assiduously in Ceuta waters and this is shown by the information published in the local media, although the Executive avoids referring to it. The last case, this September, when a citizen captured with his mobile phone how a Moroccan fishing boat was in the mouth of the port.

Also, to another question from López about driftnets found by CECAM, the Government insists that "they are prohibited" by the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna in the Mediterranean. "Spain has already denounced the illegal use of these gears," affirms the Executive to add that in June of this year the Ministry of Fisheries has been able to gather evidence to file the complaint with the European Commission. Of course, he points out that they were Moroccan fishing boats that were 12 miles from the Alboran fishing reserve, outside of Spanish jurisdiction, so no action could be taken.

Faced with the Government's response, which does not specify that it is aware of the fact that Morocco continues to fish with drift nets in Spanish waters, specifically in the Strait of Gibraltar, López once again asks the Sánchez Executive if he is going to carry out any action knowing that fishing by these vessels constitutes an offense. "Is the Government going to put an end to this illegal practice that can also cause serious risks to navigation since the nets, placed in an area of ​​intense maritime traffic, can end up entangling in the propellers, leaving the ships without government?" asks the national deputy of VOX. Finally, he asks to know what the reports of sightings of ships outside Spanish waters that the Government indicates to have in the answer given to one of the party's questions in this regard.

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