The Social Services will constitute units that will daily deliver a hygiene, food and drink kit to the homeless. In addition, they will explain the preventive measures against the coronavirus, take their temperature and guide them if necessary.

In addition, social dining rooms will be enabled to distribute takeout food. The centers for the homeless will also be reinforced with health personnel who provide them with protective equipment, monitor the health of the social care team and residents, take preventive measures, identify possible infections and isolate or refer potential infected persons to another center. . Likewise, cleaning and disinfection services will be reinforced, both for the center itself and for the clothes and belongings of the residents.

The Government's plan contemplates the provision of large spaces to house, feed, guarantee hygiene and care for the homeless, with social and health professionals, with the possibility of an isolation area for infected people, thus reducing capacity and long lines in the current centers to minimize the risk of contagion.

In the event that the Social Services are overwhelmed by the overload of work in the various areas of assistance, cooperation with the Armed Forces will be necessary to cover all social demands.

Specifically, Civil Protection professionals, the Armed Forces and the State Security Forces and Corps, accompanied by Social Services personnel, will participate in the daily monitoring of homeless people, the reinforcement of social centers, the distribution of food, the provision of social dining rooms and the provision of the necessary spaces.

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