Yesterday Sunday, the audit of the Organization of American States (OAS) on the elections of last October 20 announced its preliminary conclusions in which, given the irregularities observed, recommended the holding of new elections supervised by new electoral authorities. Subsequently, the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, announced the convening of these new elections and the appointment of new members of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal. Spain condemns that the process opened yesterday towards a new electoral call has been distorted by the intervention of the Armed Forces and the Police, suggesting that Evo Morales submit his resignation to the Presidency, which he did later. This intervention goes back to past moments in Latin American history.

The Government of Spain reiterates the call already made in its statement yesterday 10, to all Bolivian political actors to work in institutional and peaceful ways to make possible the convening of new elections as soon as possible. This new call, supervised by new electoral authorities in line with the preliminary recommendations of the OAS audit, must allow for the restoration of confidence in the electoral process, as a channel for democratic expression of the popular will. This is the right way for the country to get out of the current crisis.

The Executive of Spain calls on political actors to overcome the current institutional vacuum at the head of the Executive and the Legislature as soon as possible in accordance with constitutional procedures.

Spain urges all actors to avoid resorting to violence. It is urgent to guarantee the security of all Bolivians; also representatives of the media, civil society and political actors from across the spectrum, including former President Morales himself, his relatives and members of his administration.

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