Due to the situation of uncertainty with the return to the classroom and how to face the panorama that is presented to offer maximum safety to the students And power cope with the pandemic in the next school year, the Ceuta Education Forum considered that it was necessary to expand the workforce with 300 teachers plus. VOX raised the request to find out what forecast the Government has with this suggestion, and the Executive has responded that it will only provide the city with 30 more teachers. A number much lower than recommended by the Forum.

The national deputy of VOX for Ceuta, Teresa López, questioned the Socialist Government last June to find out "what will be the forecast regarding the increase in the teaching staff in the cities of Ceuta and Melilla", and if "it will respond to the request of the Ceuta Education Forum in its interest to increase the teaching staff by 25% in both cities ”. And it is that, the Forum of Ceuta considers that the Ministry of Education should increase the teaching quota, and provide the staff of the centers with about 300 more teachers.

From Moncloa they affirm that according to the data available on the increase in the number of students enrolled in both cities, "the need to increase the teaching staff for the next academic year by 30 teachers is expected." A quantity much lower than the suggestion by the Education Forum to overcome the educational challenges in this 2020/21 promotion, and more "taking into account the shortage of teachers in the city," says the Ceuta parliamentarian.

The VOX deputy for Ceuta, Teresa López affirms that “this is the result of the Government's commitment to education, the proof that what it is doing is a boycott of the right to education, which with two weeks to go back to school, there is no protocol or intention that there is "

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