• Thus, the obligations for the transfer of information derived from the Two-pack

The Spanish Government has sent to the European Commission the Budget Plan for 2014 of Public Administrations, in compliance with the provisions of the Regulation on common provisions for monitoring and evaluation of draft budget plans and for the correction of excessive deficit of the Member States of the euro area (Regulation 473/2013), one of the two that make up the one known as "Two Pack".

Those of 2014 are the first budgets in which the new European regulation has been applied that requires the remission of a Budget Plan before October 15. The plan contains the information related to the budget projects of the Central Administration and the fundamental lines of the other subsectors of the Public Administrations.

With the sending of this report, the process of sending information to the European Commission that began on October 1 is completed. Alongside this, another one is sent on the Effective Action adopted by Spain to correct the excessive deficit, in line with the recommendations made by the European Council, which is accompanied by an analysis of the budgetary execution of the Public Administrations. The Economic Partnership Program is also referred to, in which the structural measures and reforms applied in development of the National Reform Program and the Stability Program are described.

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