How many Ingesa seats are pending stabilization? This was the unknown that VOX wanted to clear up by addressing the central government, which is responsible for Health in Ceuta and Melilla, and the answer has been that it is expected to be 366. Of course, in two calls for which, so far, there is not even a start date.

Given the serious lack of personnel in the Ceuta health, the VOX deputy for Ceuta, Teresa López, addressed the Sánchez Executive in September to find out when she planned to implement the announced measures to retain health professionals and prevent it from continuing the escape of these workers. And the fact is that Ingesa has been advertising Public Job Offers for years that have not yet arrived and the example is that the one for 2016 has not yet been concluded. Furthermore, a year ago, Minister María Jesús Montero announced during a visit to Ceuta that It would be studied to convert the 'temporary' of the Ingesa into interns, but nothing has been done in this regard.

López, who had previously asked about it, reproached the Government for limiting itself to saying that it is carrying out "an analysis of eventual long-term appointments, with the aim of converting them into interim appointments." For this reason, the VOX deputy asked “when will the conversion of temporary into temporary jobs take place and what is the number of places affected. A question to which, once again, the Government does not respond by showing that this conversion has not occurred and will not occur at the moment.

From Moncloa they limit themselves to pointing out that 366 places have been authorized for stabilization within Ingesa, of which it is not specified which ones correspond to Ceuta and which ones to Melilla. In addition, they recall that last June Ingesa indicated the intention of grouping the pending calls. When and how remains a question mark.

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