The Council of Ceuta denounced weeks ago the “comparative injury” of the mutualists of the MUFACE insurance company in the city and the national deputy of VOX for Ceuta, Teresa López, asked the Government of Sánchez if it was going to intercede, through the Secretariat of State of Health, so that the affected Ceuta receive the same services as the rest of mutuals in the country. As López explained in his interpellation, there had been several signs of discomfort due to the lack of cooperation of some private insurance companies, which did not provide health care to their mutual members.

However, from Moncloa they go off on a tangent and do not even refer to the question raised by VOX. Instead, the Government indicates that the mutualists from Ceuta and Melilla “who have exercised their right of option to receive public health care in the National Health System, who go to the resources of the National Institute of Health Management, receive health care in the same conditions and with the same breadth as those received by the rest of the citizens entitled to this right, having all the benefits provided for in Royal Decree 1030/2006, of September 15, which establishes the portfolio of common services of the National Health System and the procedure for updating it ”. However, it says nothing about the lack of cooperation from insurers.

Meanwhile, on whether the Government was going to urge mutual societies to collaborate with the health authorities to control Covid-19, the answer throws balls out and gives responsibility to the autonomies. "In relation to aspects concerning public health in these territories, it is indicated that they correspond to the Health Councils of Ceuta and Melilla, which have competence in this matter," concludes the Executive of Sánchez who, once again, does not give answers to the health problems that are being experienced in the city as a result of the coronavirus.

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