The Council of Ministers has agreed to authorize the Tourism Institute of Spain O.A. (TURESPAÑA) the conclusion of a contract, for an estimated value of 33.3 million euros, whose purpose is international advertising campaigns in paid media, as well as the quantitative measurement of its impact.

Acting Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, in the press conference following the Council of Ministers, recalled that it is the first contract of these characteristics that has been approved since 2010, and has framed this agreement within the Turespaña Strategic Marketing Plan. Reyes Maroto explained that advertising campaigns will contribute to the achievement of the basic objectives of said plan.

In the first place, they will help increase the visibility of the Spain tourism brand and make known the destination and its main attractions in markets in which we are not yet positioned, such as the Asia-Pacific area and, specifically, China, Japan- and Southeast Asia, where it is intended to attract new customers.

In addition, in the case of the United Kingdom, the campaigns will pay special attention to the effect of Brexit, so they will focus on the retention and loyalty of what is our main tourist market, the British.

Finally, another of the objectives of these marketing actions will be to renew the image of the Spain brand. For the minister, it is necessary to give an image of a modern, renewed Spain, that stands out for the quality by improving the products it offers and expanding the offer of those products.

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