The Government will distribute more than 1.1 million masks in 467 transport nodes in the Valencian Community

The Spanish Government will distribute 1,118,000 masks from 467 transport nodes in the Valencian Community starting tomorrow, and on Wednesday.

Starting tomorrow and during Wednesday, members of the State Security Forces and Bodies (National Police and Civil Guard), Civil Protection volunteers and local Police will be in charge of carrying out the distribution that will begin in stages at stations of Renfe, suburban trains, subways and buses. Thus, the distribution will begin at 6:00 in the province of Castellón, at 6:30 in the province of Valencia and at 7:00 in the province of Alicante.

The delegate of the Government in the Valencian Community, Gloria Calero, recalled that "the use of masks is for those workers who necessarily have to use public transport where it is difficult to maintain a safety distance", and it is "for these workers to those who are destined for this distribution "

The distribution points in the Valencian Community have been determined "according to the average influx of travelers, but without ignoring less populated areas, such as those in the interior," according to Calero.

In short, they are, as the delegate has said, "main communication nodes of public transport existing in each of the provinces." Thus, in Alicante 179 distribution points have been determined, another 35 in Castellón and 253 in that of Valencia. As for the provincial capitals, the main distribution points will be located at the main Renfe stations, metropolitan transport stops, metro stations and bus stations.

At each of these points, the presence of agents of the Security Forces and Corps will be reinforced to carry out the pertinent checks to guarantee that the movements are only those permitted by the Royal Decree on the state of alarm.

In the Valencian Community, more than a million masks will be distributed. Of the total, 416,000 in the province of Alicante, 572,000 in that of Valencia and 130,000 in that of Castellón.

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