• Stresses that, according to the Tezanos CIS, the first problem of the Spaniards is employment and warns that the EPA data are "very worrying"
  • He affirms that “yesterday Pedro Sánchez managed not to talk about the EPA” and wonders “if, once Sanchez has achieved his goal, he will worry about the real problems of citizens because he cannot live on what happened yesterday”
  • “I worry about the future of my children and not what divided my grandparents. I am the grandson of a generation that gave a hug in the Transition and neither Sanchez nor another ruler have the right to open something that was closed at that time, ”he says
  • He advocates replacing the Historical Memory law with a Concord law and is committed to the great consensus around the Transition
  • Remember that the PP has agreed with more than 12 parties after the elections, but always "maintaining our principles to focus on what is really important for our citizens"
  • He gives as an example the governments of Murcia and Andalusia and Ayuso, who lead job creation, and Martínez-Almeida, which lowers taxes, and “are the demonstration that coalition governments are working”
  • "Thanks to the governments of Juanma Moreno, Isabel Díaz Ayuso or Fernando López Miras, we are joining the PP executives to comply with the word given," he says.
  • He affirms that “only when Sanchez left the political scene, Spain got back into action and after the next elections will the same happen because they no longer trust him or his partners in the motion of censure”
  • He advocates applying the national security law to “ensure that Torra, who cuts carts and does not condemn violence, is not leading the chain of command”
  • Regrets that in Catalonia the political situation has generated a significant reputational and economic cost and stresses that 4000 companies have already left this community
  • He considers that "the possible improvement of the life of the Catalans only happens to improve their living conditions"
  • Remind the independents that the law establishes mechanisms to raise their proposals. "In democracy there are no shortcuts, you have to comply with the law and those who have broken it must pay like any other citizen"
  • It states that "we must prevent unfair governments from using their powers to indoctrinate." "The skills are not bad, the bad thing is how they are used"

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