The GP VOX in Aragon receives the showmen and attends to their complaint of comparative grievance. The Union of Trade Fair Industrialists of Spain made a pan before the Cortes. The parliamentary group echoed their demands and arranged the meeting held today.

During the meeting, the vendors have shown the indignation and discomfort that the sector is suffering. Also the state of abandonment by the administrations, both regional and local.

Due to COVID 19, fairs and parties have been suspended and banned throughout the community. "The fairgrounds have been left helpless and forgotten by not being able to exercise our profession", said Angel Barata, president of UIFE in Zaragoza. And that is why they have held protests, like the one last Friday before the Cortes, to denounce their situation.

In particular, the comparative grievance situation with other spaces such as the amusement park or Puerto Venecia. And that's why they feel marginalized. They say they have not been given the opportunity to demonstrate the professionalism of the sector. "We would have been at the same level as other sectors if we had been able to work with hygienic, sanitary and safety distance measures," said Barata.

From the parliamentary group VOX in Aragon they have been transmitted the commitment to act in the Courts to seek solutions and meet the demands of a group that encompasses around 100 families in Aragon.

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