Murcia, July 29, 2020.- The national deputies Lourdes Méndez, Joaquín Robles and Luis Gestoso They have asked Congress a series of questions to the Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, since at least thirty boats have arrived in the Region of Murcia from Algeria during the last weekend.
As of Friday, July 24, both the Civil Guard and Maritime Rescue have helped 458 immigrants aboard 31 boats that have reached various points on the Murcian coast, most of them men of Algerian nationality and 14 of them have tested positive so far. in Coronavirus tests and have been transferred to health centers, while the occupants who traveled in the same boats have been quarantined.
In their Explanatory Memorandum, the deputies explain that at a general level “it should be underlined that yesterday the Region registered 53 more positive cases of Covid-19 of which 19 are due to the outbreaks that arose in Totana, the leisure area Atalayas in Murcia and the arrival of boats on Friday and Saturday. The Ministry of Health does not specify where the rest of the infections come from, since they are not considered outbreaks, but rather isolated cases ”.
To all this we must add that, as the border with Algeria is closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, immigrants who are not isolated in a hospital center will be released in 72 hours and at least fifteen immigrants managed to circumvent the presence of the security and rescue corps, so a device has been put in place to locate it.
The National Police at the foot of the port, which faces the massive arrival of boats on the coasts of the Region, affirm that they are experiencing a "chaotic and overwhelmed" situation without sufficient means.
For all these reasons, the deputies have asked the following questions to Marlaska:
¿The Government is going to dismiss the Government delegate in the Region of Murcia, José Vélez for his demonstrated negligence?
What does the Government intend to do to stop the exponential growth of positive cases of Coronavirus in the Region of Murcia?
What is the protocol that the police and civil guard must follow in the face of the massive arrival of immigrants from Algeria? Is there any planning to act at origin and avoid the massive arrival of immigrants?
Why as of today have not yet been given effective solutions to this problem that is increasingly increasing?
Does the Government of the Nation consider that an urgent action is needed to face this problem?
Are there any government policies to eradicate illegal immigration and secure our borders? Which are?
Does the Government consider that there is no problem of citizen security or health due to the arrival of boats on our coasts? Do you also consider that these people can be left wandering the streets of Murcia after 72 hours of arrival?
Are all agents who have had contact with the arriving immigrants being tested by PCR to confirm whether they are infected with the coronavirus? How are the services in order to ensure citizen security that are left neglected due to the troops that have to be safeguarding the security on our coasts due to the massive arrival of boats?
Are the adequate means and spaces available to comply with the minimum guarantees established by our current legislation on custody of persons and occupational health? Are there CATES OR CÍES to house these people? If it is the NGOs that take on this responsibility, which must be the responsibility of public bodies for bringing issues of public health and safety, which are these NGOs? What competencies and responsibilities do they have? What is the budget assigned to them? Has a contest been held for this purpose?

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