Murcia, July 29, 2020.- The national deputies of VOX, Lourdes Méndez, Joaquín Robles and Luis Gestoso, They have presented in the Congress of Deputies several questions to find out the current and judicial situation of Vélez, delegate of the Government in Murcia, as well as the crimes with which they are accused.

The questions are directed to the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, who at the request of the Prime Minister himself had no qualms in naming a defendant (now under investigation) for corruption, thus leaving all the soflamas and lessons on corruption to others as a real joke.
"Placing a defendant for embezzlement and prevarication in command of law enforcement in the region is a real scorn, not only for them but for all Spaniards who have to eat breakfast every day with a scandal by a member of the government of Sánchez- We can ”, affirm the VOX deputies.
In their Explanatory Memorandum, the deputies explain that “it does not seem to be received that, one parliamentary session after another, Sánchez gives us classes of honesty to others” and in one of the “most scandalous nepotism of recent times, he names a subject investigated for very serious crimes for the simple fact that, as is public and notorious, being a friend of yours ”.
That is why the deputies of the VOX Parliamentary Group have presented together with Macarena Olona, ​​deputy and deputy spokesperson for the GP VOX, and deputies Francisco José Alcaraz, Ignacio Gil Lázaro and Javier Ortega Smith, the following questions to Marlaska:
What is the current judicial and criminal situation of the government delegate in Murcia? Are you still investigated or charged? For what crimes? If you continue to be investigated / accused, do you intend to stop it?

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