The deputy spokesperson of the GP VOX, Macarena Olona, ​​the Murcian deputy Luis Gestoso, as well as Francisco José Alcaraz, Ignacio Gil Lázaro and Javier Ortega Smith, have made in Congress a series of written questions to the Government of Sánchez in relation to the arrival of 79 immigrants who welcomed the Port of Cartagena.

The fishing vessel in which they were traveling apparently was sailing without a flag and entered the port facilities escorted by Civil Guard patrol boats that had detected it in international waters.

According to complaints from various associations of civil guards and national police that even target high levels of the interior ministry with the order to escort them to Cartagena instead of forcing them to return to African shores. The vessel has allegedly turned out to be an illegal human smuggling mother ship and may have originated in Algeria.

In addition, three boats with a total of 130 immigrants have been intercepted by the Security Forces to be treated according to the current regulations for the prevention of Covid-19.

Faced with this situation in which a new wave of boats are heading to our country, which implies a greater effort and work of containment, prevention and reception for our Agents of the State Security Forces and Bodies, the following questions have been raised :

Who gave the order to the Civil Guard patrol boats to escort the Maghreb fishing boat to the port of Cartagena instead of ordering that it be forced to turn around and go to the Algerian port?

Does the Executive have a framework for action in relation to the recent massive arrival of immigrants to our coasts?

How many Agents from the different State Security Forces and Bodies have gone to Cartagena to control and command immigrants in the Region?

In addition, the aforementioned deputies have shown their concern about the files opened to the NGO Proactiva Open Arms in recent years and have asked about it, as well as about the nominal list of the sanctioning files opened in any of the different ministerial departments against the vessel.

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