• Macarena Montesinos requires the management of the Corporation to stop informing according to the PSOE and Government arguments

The deputy spokeswoman of the GPP, Macarena Montesinos, accused RTVE on Wednesday of treating the ruling on the ERE as if it were “a case outside the PSOE, trying to exonerate at any time the president of the acting Government and secretary general of the PSOE, Pedro Sanchez. "

The popular deputy has demanded that the RTVE Corporation address “stop informing according to the argument of the double standard of the PSOE and the propaganda of the Government”. "Every time the PSOE is in a bind, RTVE goes to its aid to always offer the most favorable version to Pedro Sánchez," he denounced.

Montesinos has stressed that “the ruling of the ERE, which is the largest and most serious case of corruption in our democracy and that directly affects the PSOE with two convicts who have been presidents of the party, passes almost on tiptoe on a scandal that has been removed the foundations of national shame and that RTVE tries, without the slightest modesty, to take away all importance to save Sanchez's face ”.

"The impudence is so capital," he said, "that RTVE shamelessly reduces the scope of the ruling on matters of other parties, in addition to lavish coverage of socialist testimonies in defense of the damned," instead of informing according to the general interest and pluralism.

Montesinos has denounced how RTVE cut Tuesday "the press conference of the secretary general of the PP in which there was a political reaction to the sentence." "It is hard for them to call the condemned as socialists," he added, "and repeats Ferraz's argument of‘ an assumption of responsibilities that has been produced for a long time and does not concern Sanchez. "

Finally, he has criticized that “the time allocated by RTVE to the news is mostly occupied by an exculpatory tone and downplaying the relationship of this matter with the PSOE, without remembering Sánchez's position on corruption cases and the excuse he used to file a motion of censure. "

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