On the other hand, he demands the appearance of the Secretary of State for the EU, explain why Spain participated in the EU-Balkans summit in which Kosovo was present.

The Popular Parliamentary Group has asked the Government, with a battery of questions in Congress, to disclose the number of Spaniards pending repatriation due to the pandemic, and what is the number of repatriations that it has made effective from the total of 24,000 made before May 1 for the closing of borders.

With this battery of initiatives -signed by the GPP deputy spokesperson Marta González, the GPP Foreign spokesperson, Valentina Martínez, the Ibero-American spokesperson, Belén Hoyo, and the GPP deputy, Paloma Gásquez-, the GPP demands to know “the Exact cost of the assistance provided by the Ministry, as well as the exact number of airplane, train or bus tickets paid or subsidized and the average cost contributed by the Ministry for the purchase of each ticket until May 1, 2020 ”.

In addition, the Popular Group interrogates the Foreign Minister, Arancha González Laya, for the number of “occasions on which she has resorted to the European Civil Protection Mechanism; the criteria followed for sending repatriation aircraft – specifically, the case of Colombia with 150 Spaniards pending repatriation -; what do you plan to do to counteract the deterioration caused to the image of Spain by the government's mismanagement of the COVID-19 crisis; or what type of PPE and protective material has been provided to its personnel abroad and to other groups of Spaniards residing abroad, specifying in response to which ones ”.

Similarly, the GPP wants to know “why many Spanish citizens of Moroccan origin continue without being able to return to Spain; what individual protection equipment (the Government) has provided to people linked to the Spanish structure of international cooperation abroad during the months of March and April 2020 – "in which countries and in what number?" -; What steps has it taken to guarantee the essential humanitarian corridors so that Spanish cooperation can carry out its humanitarian and emergency aid work under reasonable security conditions, and if Spanish international cooperation has any specific strategy regarding drinking water, health programs? and health with other countries affected by the pandemic and with respect to the restructuring of the external debt of the affected countries ”.

Appearance request

On the other hand, the GPP has demanded the appearance of the Secretary of State for the European Union in the corresponding Commission of the Congress to explain the reasons that led the Presidency of the Government to confirm its attendance and to participate, with the assistance of Kosovo, in the EU-Balkan Summit, held on May 6 by videoconference due to the pandemic.

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