"Federico Montero, Corporate General Director of RTVE, should cease immediately if there is incompatibility or any shadow of conflict of interest"

The Popular Group in Congress has registered a battery of parliamentary questions to the Sole Administrator of RTVE, Rosa María Mateo, to clarify the alleged irregularities of number two of the Corporation, the corporate general director Federico Montero, after knowing that he is a partner and sole administrator of a private consultancy that could be incompatible with his position due to a conflict of interest case.

For the GPP, in this case there are shadows of irregularity that must be cleared immediately, and recalls that the sole Administrator, Rosa María Mateo, was involved after her appointment in a controversy for having a heritage company, like other members of the Government, which clashed head-on with its responsibilities at the head of RTVE, and ended up having to dissolve it.

The deputies who subscribe to the initiative – the GPP deputy spokesperson Macarena Montesinos, the spokesperson for the RTVE Control Commission, Eduardo Carazo, and the members of said Commission Tomás Cabezón, Tristana Moraleja, Carmen Riolobos and Andrés Lorite – want to know, among other things, if in the case of Federico Montero any opinion has been requested from the Office of Conflicts and Interests, and if the sole Administrator of RTVE guarantees that there is no incompatibility on the part of its corporate director.

In addition, the GPP asks the sole Administrator when it became aware of the possible case of incompatibilities in question, and if Rosa María Mateo knows if the company of which Federico Montero is sole administrator has provided services or received contracts at any time from RTVE.

Likewise, the popular deputies demand from the sole Administrator a clarifying public statement in this regard, and to know if they have asked Federico Montero to publicly clear doubts about their possible incompatibilities published in the Voz Populi media outlet.

According to the GPP, Rosa María Mateo should seriously consider the possibility of asking SEPI to cease this corporate position if it is not clear that she is not affected by any incompatibility. "It should stop immediately if there is incompatibility or any shadow of conflict of interest," they stress.

In any case, they consider that, to date, what is very clear is that the management of the Corporate Director and the sole Administrator cannot be more contrary to effective management. “There has not been a day without controversy or anomalies in RTVE since Rosa María Mateo was appointed by Pedro Sánchez. It has generated so many problems and such bad results that arbitrariness and abuse have become a daily thing ”, emphasize the popular ones.

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