El diputado del GPP en el Congreso de los Diputados, Guillermo Mariscal

The PP questions Iglesias about whether he maintains that Tezanos should be dismissed ‘ipso facto’ for partisan use of the polls

The Popular Parliamentary Group has presented a battery of written questions to the Executive so that Sanchez says “when will the President of the Government pay attention to the criteria that his coalition partners maintained on Mr. Tezanos and decide, finally, to cease him”.

In the GPP initiative, signed by the general secretary of the GPP, Guillermo Mariscal; Salamanca deputy José Antonio Bermúdez de Castro and deputy spokeswoman Pilar Marcos, questioned the second vice president, Pablo Iglesias, if he continues to maintain that Tezanos must resign or be dismissed 'ipso facto' by the partisan use he makes of CIS surveys , as he maintained when he was not an ally of the PSOE.

The explanatory statement of the battery of questions ensures that the use of the CIS as a "Center for Sociological Influence" in favor of the PSOE has been evident in all electoral calls since Tezanos leads the organization. It is also recalled that he asked, in an article in the socialist magazine Topics before the November 11 elections, the vote in favor of the PSOE as a way out of the political blockade.

The questions presented by the GPP for its written response from the Government are the following:

1.- Does the maintenance of Mr. Tezanos at the head of the CIS respond to the Government's decision to continue inflating the PSOE's demonstration forecasts?

2.- Will the CIS of Mr. Tezanos of the First Vice Presidency of the Government continue to depend, or will he become part of the powers of the Director of the Presidency Cabinet?

3.- What will be the relationship between the CIS of Tezanos and the new “National Office of Long-Term Country Prospective and Strategy”, which will be created in the Cabinet of the Presidency of the Government?

4.- Do the members of the Government still not affiliated with the PSOE continue their criticisms of the pro-socialist use of the CIS by Mr. Tezanos? Specifically, does the second vice-president of the Government continue to maintain that Mr. Tezanos must resign or be dismissed “ipso facto” for his partisan use of the CIS surveys? If the second vice president has changed his mind, does the Minister of Equality continue to maintain that Mr. Tezanos "partisanses" with the CIS and must be dismissed?

5.- What is the opinion of President Sánchez's preferred partner in the progressive coalition of the Tezanos council to vote for the PSOE, because "today" is the party "that can govern"?

6.- When will the President of the Government pay attention to the criteria held by his coalition partners on Mr. Tezanos and finally decide to stop him?

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