• He is also interested in the occupation of the Gómez Ulla Central Defense Hospital, demanding exhaustive data on patients, deceased, operating rooms and number of beds and respirators.

The Popular Parliamentary Group has presented in Congress a battery of parliamentary initiatives to know exhaustively "what has consisted and consists" of the support of Military Health to the General Public Health System and Private Health, during the state of alarm and the pandemic caused by COVID.

In this sense, the popular ones want to know in detail how many military health professionals have participated and in which non-military locations, day by day and until today. Thus, they claim the number of military personnel (doctors, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists, nurses …) that have been deployed, specifying location, mission, days and duration of service.

Specifically, in relation to the IFEMA field hospital, they are interested in the contribution of Military Health to it and ask for the number and nominal relationship of the
specialists in Anesthesiology and Reanimation of Military Health who have participated in person and continued in it, as well as the detailed list of material from Military Health that has been used permanently in the IFEMA hospital.


The popular deputies also question the Government for the contribution of the Central Defense Hospital "Gómez Ulla" (HCDGU) in the fight against the coronavirus and ask the Executive the number of patients admitted and treated in it, as well as the number of deaths by COVID-19 and the number of deaths due to suspicion of having COVID-19, from February 1 to the present, and discriminated by sex, age and origin, with dates of admission and discharge or death, if applicable.

Continuing along this line, they request the number of patients seen in the ICU and the HCDGU REA, day by day from March 1, 2020 to the present day, discriminated by pathology, origin and age, as well as exhaustive data on the number of respirators ICU and HCDGU REA and to which patients have been applied discriminating between pathology, age, sex and origin.


They also want to know the number of ICU and REA beds in Gómez Ulla, before and after the declaration of the pandemic. It also asks about the number of operating rooms available before March 1, 2020 and how many have been enabled as an ICU or REA to be able to treat COVID-19 cases and how many for seriously ill patients with other pathologies, in addition to the number of operating rooms that are They have been used day by day for surgical interventions, discriminating between habitual and scheduled and emergencies.

The different parliamentary initiatives are signed by the Deputy Secretaries of the PP, Pablo Montesinos and Antonio González Terol, the Deputy Spokesman for the GPP, Carlos Rojas, the Defense Spokesman for the GPP, Fernando Adolfo Gutiérrez Díaz de Otazu, and Deputies José Antonio Bermúdez de Castro , Agustín Almodóbar, Juan Antonio Callejas, María José García Pelayo, Jesús Postigo, Pilar Ramallo, Paloma Gázquez, Jaime Mateu and César Sánchez.

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