La diputada del GPP en el Congreso de los Diputados, Beatriz Fanjul

• You want to know if they have reached a compensation agreement with said company

The Popular Parliamentary Group has asked the Government for information on the fate of the more than 2,000 coronavirus detection tests allegedly seized by the Ministry of Health from the company Siemens-Gamesa.

This company acquired the tests through its managers in Germany, to guarantee the safety of its workers who were going to return to work on Monday April 13 after authorization from the Government of Spain.

With a battery of questions in Congress, the popular deputy Beatriz Fanjul also asks the Executive the way in which she communicated to the company that she was going to requisition said tests, if she has agreed with Siemens-Gamesa on any type of compensation and if she considers that the workers who have returned to their on-site jobs have done so with the necessary health guarantees.

Also signed by the GPP deputy spokesperson Pilar Marcos, the GPP also asks the Executive if, as it is a Basque company, the Basque Government has contacted the Government of Spain and if, apart from Siemens Gamesa, there are more cases from Basque companies from which the Government has requisitioned medical supplies.

For Beatriz Fanjul “the lack of transparency of the Sánchez Government, the multitude of improvised measures by the Government of Spain to face the pandemic and the evident co-responsibility of the Basque Government, and Urkullu, with the action that their partner is taking Pedro Sánchez, leads us to ask to what extent is this measure necessary and whether it has the approval of the Basque Government. We are very afraid that it is another of the creative ideas with which the Government of Spain is surprising Spaniards and half the world. Surprising for its constant contradictory nature. "

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