• You want to know if you did risk assessment studies of the massive events of 8-M following the WHO recommendations

The Popular Parliamentary Group has presented a battery of questions to the Government in which, among other things, it demands to know whether the contacts of the members of the Council of Ministers who tested positive for the coronavirus after attending the 8-M marches were followed up. .

In addition, it wants to know how many studies of risk assessment in massive meetings the Government made after learning about the Organization's recommendations.
World Health Organization (WHO) of February 14, 2020, on planning mass meetings in the context of the COVID-19 outbreak.

In those recommendations, WHO already recalled the extensive evidence that mass meetings can amplify the spread of infectious diseases, and that the decision to hold a mass meeting should be based on a comprehensive risk assessment.

Given that the Government authorized, and in some cases promoted, numerous massive events such as those that took place on that day: soccer matches, congresses
Politicians, conventions and mass demonstrations such as the 480 authorized demonstrations in commemoration of 8-M, the popular ones want to know how many evaluation studies were carried out and from which cities and from which events held between February 22 and March 8, 2020, specifically interested in those held in Madrid.

They also ask if action plans were developed to mitigate the risks identified in the evaluation and if the risks were communicated to the organizers and attendees of the massive events held between February 22 and March 8, if risk plans were developed.

In addition, they want to know if, after the 480 8-M demonstrations with more than 600,000 attendees in different cities, and the positive ones on COVID-19 by different members of the Government who attended these gatherings, at some point there was a follow-up of contacts .


Finally, the popular people want to know if the effects, in loss of human lives and those infected, of these massive protests on March 8 and the other authorized events in Madrid and large cities have been quantified and evaluated.

The battery of questions has been signed by the Deputy Secretary of the PP, Cuca Gamarra, the deputy spokesman, José Ignacio Echániz, the second vice president of Congress, Ana Pastor, the spokesperson for Health, Elvira Velasco, and the deputies Carmen Riolobos, Elena Castillo, Rosa Romero, Teresa Angulo, Juan Antonio Callejas and José Ortiz.

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