It highlights that Health advocates in a document for the suppression of MUFACE, MUGEJU and ISFAS

The Popular Parliamentary Group has asked the Government, with a battery of initiatives in Congress, if it plans to abolish the model of administrative Mutualism that provides health care for officials.

Specifically, the Popular Group highlights that the Ministry of Health has recently put the mutual societies MUFACE, MUGEJU and ISFAS in their sights, in the sense of addressing their suppression in a document on which they are working called the Action Plan for the Transformation of the National Health System in the post-COVID era.

For this reason, "and given the disparity and contradiction of plans and intentions of the Ministries of Health and Territorial Policy and Public Function related to the future of the Administrative Mutualism provider of health care", the deputy spokespersons of the GPP Mario Garcés and Carlos Rojas , the spokesperson for the Civil Service, Llanos de Luna, and the deputies Beatriz Álvarez Fanjul, Beatriz Jiménez, Carmen Navarro Lacoba, Fernando Gutiérrez Díaz de Otazu and Luis Santamaría ask the following questions to the Executive:

1. Will the Government abolish the different Mutual Societies, MUFACE, MUGEJU and ISFAS?

2. Does the Government consider that this contradiction between two Ministries regarding the plans for the future of administrative Mutualism contributes to giving legal certainty to the officials and their family members who are beneficiaries of health care?

3. Does the Government consider that there is coordination between the policies of the Ministry of Health and Territorial Policy and Public Function in relation to Administrative Mutualism?

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