Reclamamos al Gobierno todos los expedientes sobre la compra de mascarillas

• He wants it to be in coordination with the Autonomous Communities and the General Council of Official Colleges of Pharmacists

The Popular Parliamentary Group, through a Proposal not of Law in the Congress, urges the Government “to promote throughout the National Health System, in coordination with the Autonomous Communities and the General Council of Official Colleges of Pharmacists, the distribution in the pharmacy offices of face masks against the coronavirus (COVID-19) for the entire population ”.

In the explanatory memorandum of this initiative, the GPP states that "beyond measures such as physical distance between people or periodic and thorough washing of hands, masks, along with other elements such as gloves, glasses or masks , represent an essential element within the existing personal protective equipment to stop the contagion and prevent the expansion of the coronavirus ”.

The initiative signed by the spokeswoman Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, the PP deputy secretary Cuca Gamarra, the deputy spokesman José Ignacio Echániz and the GPP spokesperson for Health, Elvira Velasco, insists that the masks have become an article of first necessity before the pandemic, especially for all health professionals, FyCSE members, as well as workers in essential sectors.

The GPP emphasizes that the masks are of cardinal importance for the protection of the general population, especially in what concerns the avoidance of COVID-19 transmission and to a greater degree in contact situations such as those that are occurring and will occur in greater measure when released from confinement.

The Popular Group points out that despite the changing criteria raised by the Government regarding the use of masks by the entire population, it seems that the decision that has finally prevailed in the Executive, at least for now, is that of widespread use.

The PP recalls that the General Council of Official Colleges of Pharmacists sent a letter to the Minister of Health on April 7 to offer the network of pharmacy offices – more than 22,000 throughout the national territory – as a distribution point for masks to all the population, arguing for it, among other advantages, “the possibility that supposes to determine and give priority in the dispensing of masks to the most vulnerable population groups”, or “the absolute control in real time of the masks received in each pharmacy , its dispensation according to the established criteria without the interference of supposed distributors who are acting for speculative purposes ”.

Taking into account the actions carried out in autonomous regions such as the Valencian Community and Catalonia and in accordance with the proposal of the College of Pharmacists, the GPP demands that the distribution of masks to the entire population be carried out in the pharmacy offices.

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