• For the economic recovery of the municipalities, given the real possibility that they may breach the execution and justification deadlines

The Popular Parliamentary Group has demanded the Government, through a Proposal not of Law in the Congress, that allows to extend in one year the extension of execution of the Sustainable Urban Development (DUSI) projects.

Specifically, the GPP urges the Executive “to grant ex officio the expansion in one year of the extension of the execution and justification of the projects of the DUSI Strategies, considering the maximum deadlines established by the EU Regulations, and based on to article 32.1 of the Law on Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations ”.

In the explanatory memorandum of this initiative, signed by its spokesman Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, the deputy spokesperson Mario Garcés and the deputy María José García-Pelayo, the GPP considers that "all Public Administrations must bet on concrete measures that serve as a driving force of investment, the revitalization of the economy and the revitalization of our towns and cities ”.

From this perspective, extending the extension of the DUSI Strategies by one year – within the 2014-2020 European framework, with a planned extension of 3 years and ending in December 2023-, “appears to be essential for the economic recovery of the municipalities "

“The Covid-19 pandemic has contributed decisively to the fact that the deadlines set for the execution and justification of the European funds of the DUSI Strategy are impossible to meet, especially when with the implementation of the state of alarm, the administrative contracting procedures have They have been paralyzed ”, recalls the initiative.

"One of the main concerns of local entities is employment," says the Popular Group, especially when thousands of Spaniards are losing their jobs as a result of the health crisis.

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