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• Claims the appearance of the CSD president, to explain the Government's criteria on sport and physical exercise when the state of alarm ends

The Popular Parliamentary Group has asked the Government to clarify its criteria about whether or not to end the Soccer League, both in first, second, second B, third, the Regional Leagues, the Division of Honor, Youth and Children.

In addition, PP Deputy Secretary Cuca Gamarra, GPP Deputy Spokesperson Marta González, GPP Sports Spokesperson, Javier Merino, and Popular Deputy Óscar Gamazo, have recorded a battery of written questions asking what the Government has planned regarding the celebration of popular sporting events and competitive and qualifying sporting events that are scheduled in our country starting next May.

Appearance request

On the other hand, the GPP has registered the request for the appearance of the president of the Higher Sports Council to know the criteria that the Government of Spain will adopt in the field of Spanish sport, both professional and non-professional, to exercise and exercise physical, at the moment when the alarm state ceases to be in force.

Data request

Likewise, the people and entities that make up the Sport Promotion Task Group created by the CSD during the state of alarm and the reports and documents prepared by the Higher Sports Council in the framework of the holding of the different meetings of said group.

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